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Care Instructions

Barmah Hats are sturdy and durable. With a small amount of care, your Barmah Hat will give you many years of service. To care for your Barmah Hat, we recommend the following:

Leather Hats Canvas Hats
  • Please ensure that your hat is not exposed to extreme heat.
  • Cleaning and care products for your leather hat can be purchased at your local shoe repair/care outlet. We recommend that you take your hat with you so that the best product can be determined, depending on the leather of your hat.

  • Lightly brush off any dust
  • For minor marks, sponge with warm water and detergent.
  • If necessary, your canvas hat can be cleaned in a 3:1 solution of bleach and gently hand-washed. Ensure the hat is rinsed thoroughly in clean water immediately to remove bleach.
  • It is not recommended that you machine-wash your hat.